Film Screening: “GMO OMG,” April 3, 2016

Our CSA will be hosting a film screening of an informative documentary about Food Labeling and GMOs on Sunday April 3, 2016, at 2:30 PM. The film is called GMO OMG. See this trailer:

Please RSVP to us at if you want to join us for this informative event. Following the film, we will have a speaker from Food and Water Watch, our co-sponsor for this event, to answer questions. Be sure to include names of guests you hope to bring. We will add you to the guest list and send you the exact location on the UWS if there is space for you so, sign up early.

CPW CSA Endorsement by DOROT Homelessness Prevention Program

Hi Susan-I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your Harvest Party and wanted to let you know that my participation on behalf of the DOROT Homelessness Prevention program is a privilege and an honor. As you know our program which serves older homeless and formerly homeless seniors has been the recipient of left over CPW/CSA food every Wednesday evening from June through November. The wonderful leftover vegetables and food is delivered to our program by your volunteers -and we have 10+ seniors and volunteers conduct a “nutrition support group”at our facility. This group identifies, sorts and distributes the food to all in attendance as well as discusses the benefits of healthy/nutritious eating and reminiscing about family experiences, growing up and new menus and dining experiences.The therapeutic benefits of our connection to CPW/CSW is not limited to the food alone but encompasses the support, friendship and encouragement of shared common experiences and bonding for our Community. I look forward to continued sharing with our seniors and our Upper West side community (as well as the Angel farm providers )next year as well.

Many thanks and much appreciation to all!

Elazar Stepansky

DOROT Homelessness Prevention and Aftercare Programs

Message to Members About New Distribution Procedure

Dear friends,

This Wednesday, October 14, when you pick up your veggies, they will be there in a second set of our new, beautiful, CPWCSA reusable bags.

We will have a slightly different procedure.

Everyone will check in with the volunteers, and initial on the sign-in sheet, and also add “yes’ or “no”, indicating whether you have returned your bag from last week. The volunteers will collect the returned bags, and they will be given to the farmer for the next delivery. Please remember to clean your bag before handing it in.

FULL SHARE MEMBERS: check in with volunteers and sign in. Give your returned bag to the volunteers and take your veggies in a new bag.

FIRST HALF SHARE PARTNER: check in with volunteers and sign in. You will RE-USE the CSA bag!! Don’t hand in the bag from last week. Divide your share with your partner, and label your partner’s share.

SECOND HALF SHARE PARTNER: Check in with volunteers and sign in. Give your returned bag to the volunteers and take the share left for you by your partner.

IF ANYONE FORGETS TO BRING BACK THE BAG… they will have to take their share home in plastic bags. The bag the veggies were delivered in will be added to the bags to go back to the farmer for next week.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this new system.

Alix, CPWCSA Membership Chair

Instructions for Volunteers between 10/14 – 10/28

Carol or another member of the Core Team who is there when the farmer delivers, will give him an IKEA bag with 42 of the CPWCSA bags, for him to use next time. The 42 bags will have been collected the previous week and will be stored at the church.

The farmer will deliver the veggies in a new set of 42 CPWCSA bags, and will return to Carol the IKEA bag that held the bags returned to him the previous week.

When members arrive, volunteers will need to be sure:
-the member signs in
-the member writes “yes” or “no” next to their initials, indicating whether they are returning a bag.

-if the member signs “yes’, they will give the bag to the volunteers, who will place it in the IKEA bag for the farmer for next week, and the member will take the current week’s share home in the new CPWCSA bag. This applies to full share and second half share partners. Please make sure the returned bags are clean and folded before putting them in the bag for the farmer.
The FIRST HALF SHARE PARTNER WILL RE-USE the CPWCSA bag they returned from last week. They will divide the full share for themselves and their partner, using their returned bag for themselves and leaving their partner’s share, labeled as usual, in the new CPWCSA bag.

-if a member doesn’t return a bag, they need to write “no” on sign in sheet, and the volunteers will give the member a plastic bag (or 2). THE MEMBER WILL NEED TO TAKE HOME THEIR SHARE IN PLASTIC BAGS. This will mean emptying out the veggies from the new CPWCSA bag and putting them in a plastic bag.

-the member will then give the volunteers the CPWCSA bag, which will be added to the bags for the farmer.

-if the first half share partner does not return their bag, they will also be given plastic bags to take their share home in. They will leave their partner’s share in the new CPWCSA bag.

-if the second half share partner does not return their bag, the volunteers will give them plastic bags to put their produce in. The second half share partner will put take the veggies out of the CPWCSA bag and put them in the plastic bags. The volunteers will collect, clean and fold the CPWCSA bag and put it with the others they are collecting to give to the farmer.

Last person to close up, Shalini or whoever might be in her place, will need to make sure there are 42 bags in the IKEA bag. If there are any missing, please notify Susan Zizmor at and she will bring substitute bags for the farmer the next Wednesday.

THE VOLUNTEER’S ATTITUDE WILL BE VERY IMPORTANT when giving a member plastic bags. This is no big deal- not a punishment but the only way the system will work.

It is also important that the bags are clean and folded neatly in the IKEA bag.

There will be a Core Member on site for most of the distribution who can answer any questions.

A new recipe from Chef Mario: Warm Salad of Corn, Fennel, Zucchini and Roasted Tomatoes

A new recipe from Chef Mario:
Warm Salad of Corn, Fennel, Zucchini and Roasted Tomatoes
Serves 4

– Ingredients
1 Zucchini
1 pt assorted teardrop tomatoes
1 oz Olive Oil
1 head of Fennel, grilled and diced (or roasted in the oven)
2 each ear of corn
To taste Black Pepper
To taste Kosher Salt

– Procedure
1. Trim the fennel and slice it into 1/4 inch, brush with olive oil and grill lightly
2. Put the corn in husk on the grill and cook until the outside is lightly brown.
3. Shuck the corn and remove the kernels
4. Cut the tomatoes in half and set aside.
5. Cut zucchini in half, brush with olive oil and grill
6. In a hot sauté pan add the oil
7. Toss in and tomatoes grill the fennels and corn and cook until soft
8. Dice the zucchini, toss together and season to taste

Welcome to the Central Park West CSA!

We are a community group dedicated to bringing fresh, locally grown vegetables to our neighbors on the upper west side. Our CSA is run exclusively by our members and we’re all volunteers.

Our delicious vegetables come from the Angel Family Farm in Goshen, in the Black Dirt region of New York State, they are grown using sustainable practices and are pesticide free. The vegetables are delivered fresh from the farm every Wednesday from June 10 to November 4th and are ready for pick up between 4  and 7 pm in front of St. Matthew/St. Timothy’s Church, West 84th Street, between Central Park West and Columbus Avenues, on the upper west side.

Sign-up for the 2015 season has begun! All info can be found on the Join or Renew page. We still have some openings so, consider signing up soon. Space is limited!

Our Member Chef – Mario Ernesto Landaverde from, generously provides us with recipes and tips for using the marvelous produce we enjoy through the season. Scroll down to enjoy the recipes from last season and come back in June for brand new recipes and ideas.

We look forward to meeting you and to having a fun and healthy season!


CPW CSA First Pickup of the Season: June 11th

For those of you who have signed up for the Central Park West CSA, get excited for the first pick-up!

When: Wednesday, June 11th. Pickup anytime between 4-7pm. (Please note that if you arrive between 6:45-7:00pm, your produce might already be bagged. This is to ensure a speedy clean up. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)

Where: In front of St. Matthew/St. Timothy church at 26 West 84th Street, between Columbus and Central Park West

What: Bring a bag or two to transport your veggies home in (reusable shopping bags work well, as do the paper or plastic bags you get at the grocery store)

What to expect: When you walk up to the site, there should be a table with both vegetable and fruit sign-in sheets.

-For fruit and vegetable full shares: the name associated with the share is in alphabetical order.

-For vegetable half shares: you should have received an email with a number, your name will be listed on that line.

Please initial that you are picking up your vegetables and/or fruits. After signing in, feel free to locate the dry-erase board with the vegetables and fruits listed and how much of each to take.

Pick ups will run in the same fashion every Wednesday until November 5th.

Enjoy your bounty!

2014 Membership Officially Closed

We are officially closing our Spring/Summer/Fall 2014 membership today. We just wanted to thank all those who signed up. Our membership list gets a little bigger each year! We’re excited to start the season.

If you missed our deadline and are interested in receiving updates for future CSA membership, please email us by clicking the “Contact Us” link above. We’ll place you on our mailing list.

Also, if you are interested in helping out on our Core Team, we would love the help! Please also inquire by emailing us via the “Contact Us” page.