We need volunteers to setup our distribution site, control produce distribution, and close up the site. To sign up for a volunteer shift, click here and enter your information for the shift dates and times you want.

As an alternative to volunteering at the site, we also need people to confirm site volunteers that they’re showing up and help them arrange for replacements if they can’t. This work can be done remotely, away from the site. If you’re interested, please email volunteer@centralparkwestcsa.org.

Here is a summary of what will be required for volunteers on-site:

Volunteer Shift 1: 3:30-5:30 PM

  • Work with farmer to setup produce distribution. IMPORTANT: NO MORE THAN 4 FULL CRATES PER TABLE
  • Supervise produce distribution. Remind members to sign in before taking produce.
  • Keep tables and ground clean
  • Consolidate produce as necessary
  • As crates empty, move replacements from under tables. Fold empty crates and stack in safe location to prepare for storage
  • Respond to passersby about CSA and get their names and contact info so we can get in touch with them.

Volunteer Shift 2: 5:30-7:30 PM

  • Supervise produce distribution, same as Shift 1
  • Prepare for move to storage: as tables/supplies/crates are ready, clean, fold, stack, consolidate
  • Clean and sweep site area.
  • Organize all CSA items and work as a team to move CSA belongings to allotted storage space in basement.
  • Bag all surplus vegetables in preparation for donating.
  • Review the site for cleanliness and appearance.
  • Close up the site. Tasks include: cleaning and folding tables, cleaning/unfolding/stacking crates and cleaning/organizing other CSA belongings, sweeping, moving all CSA tables/chairs/boxes with supplies to allotted storage space in store basement. IMPORTANT; PRODUCE ON GROUND CAN BE SLIPPERY AND MAY CAUSE FALLS. Review the site for cleanliness and appearance. Make sure nothing is left behind on Columbus Avenue and that our trash is cleared.

Please take this responsibility seriously as we are completely volunteer staffed. Because volunteering is so essential to our ability to function, we reserve the right to withhold your vegetables if you don’t meet your responsibilities. If you discover you cannot make it to a shift for which you’ve committed previously, you are still responsible for making sure that the shift is covered. You can send a friend, housemate, or your share partner in your place or see if another CSA member is willing to trade with you.

If, after you’ve made a sincere effort to cover your shift, you still haven’t been able to do so, email the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@centralparkwestcsa.org as soon as you realize you need help.