I’m writing in behalf of the Core Team of the Central Park West CSA. We’re looking forward to another season of our CSA and to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Angel Farm continues to be the farm that we received produce from. Since our CSA began 8 years ago, the produce we have received has been fresh, varied and plentiful. We like supporting this lovely family farm in the Black Dirt Region of Orange County. We appreciate the support of Book Culture, which is where we distribute our produce. And, we value the work of West Side Campaign Against Hunger, which is the organization that receives our surplus food and distributes it to people who can make good use of it. And we are a member of the Just Food Network.

We maintain warm relationships with the above 4 organizations and with Angel Family Farm!!!

Our core team currently consists of me, Mark, Abe, Jess, and Alissa. We welcome Alissa to the core team. She is replacing Jill who did a great job as our Volunteer Coordinator last season.

If our website doesn’t answer your questions, send us an email and please understand that we all have full time jobs doing other things. I’m a Clinical Psychologist in private practice on the UWS, have been a member of our CSA for 8 years and am very engaged in environmental/climate change issues. In the coming weeks, you will find out more about the other members of the Core Team.

For those who have not belonged to a CSA before, you will find that CSAs depend on all members to help run the CSA. It’s quite different from shopping in a supermarket or Farmers Market. When I first joined our CSA, I learned that it takes time to get used to some of the differences.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, June 5. Be sure to sign up before then so you can receive all 22 weeks of fresh, local produce.

Susan, CSA Coordinator
Mark, CSA Webmaster
Abe, CSA Treasurer
Jess, CSA Membership Coordinator
Alissa, CSA Volunteer Coordinator